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Clean Home Spray in Cepano | 500 ml by Attirecare

Clean Home Spray in Cepano | 500 ml by Attirecare

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Plant-based multi-purpose surface cleaner bolstered with naturally powerful agents drawing germs, dirt, and grime soiling from the area being treated, thus making for easier and more efficient cleaning whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen.

Environment - Contents made from plant-based ingredients, the vessel is made up of recyclable glass finished with a PET Plastic Pump spray.

CEPANO^ - The village of Cepano belongs to the municipality of Sant'Agnello, in the province of Napoli. Spending time and immersing ourselves in the ways of this beautiful town and other parts of the Italian West Coast is what inspired us to create this warm, homely scent, bringing the feelings and emotions of what inspired us most to create a scent that can be translated into our products. We hope the Cepano^ scent inspired by the Votata Fig & Amber Ales that are native to the Italian West Coast can transport you there with every spray.

Application - Shake well before use. Spray directly onto the surface, and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe. For deep stains, leave to soak and dwell on the stain for 1 minute before wiping.

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    Details and Materials
    Composition - Aqua, Plant-Derived Alcohol, Citric Acid, Ficus Carica (Fig Seed Oil) Pinus Succinefera Oleum Succini (Amber Essential Oil), Plant-Derived Surfactants, Food-Grade Preservatives.

    Aroma - Warm, Homely, Sweet, Woody



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